The wall knows

As I sit here, staring at the wall,
I just know, it doesn’t’t make sense at all
Why the agony, and the constant pain?
If this is called life, than life is insane

Isn’t it supposed to be worth a lot?
Well if it does, I guess I forgot
This is nothing but a nightmare to me
And nothing ever turns out, the way it should be

It goes up and down, and it never finds an end
The choice always mine, either break or bend
Sometimes it ’s heaven, right now I’m in hell
And if someone asks, then sure… I’m well!

I get so tired of playing this game
The rules are confusing and never the same
Then someone appears and opens a door
Leaving me restless and yearning for more

And here we go again, right from the start
Fighting that useless battle against the heart
There are no winners and forget about luck
Sooner or later we will all get stuck

To think I’m strong and could win this fight
Is like looking for the sun in the middle of the night
It really doesn’t make sense at all
Is what I realize while staring at the wall


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