Back off, please, dont come near
Its the lack of distance that I fear
But I draw you close, I cant resist
Always looking for something that was never missed
Running in that one way street again
And ignored the sign that said dead-end

No turning back it all ends here
I told you not to come close, my dear
Why did you not listen, was it that hard to see?
Trapped in my adventure you are no longer free
And this story of madness keeps repeating itself
You will be another finished book on my shelf
But my favorite one
until the next one will arrive
My bestseller, until I destroy your life
I look at my books and cherish them all
No matter if they are big or small

And somehow it seems to nourish my soul
This path of demolition makes me feel whole
It is that magic that I need to feel
The butterflies that make me feel real
And without a warning it disappears
Leaving you crushed and filled with tears
Leaving me clawing my nails in my skin
Forgive me, mother , for I have sinned


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