Oh, it so hard to stay nice
When I am sober and sad
And you’re drunk and tired
and driving me mad

An ocean apart is less than,
the distance caused, by four bottles of beer
But it doesn’t change that I miss you,
And only wish you were here.

You remind me of how
I once used to be
Ignoring all the borders
right in front of me

no behavior without a reason
you might want to find out
why you let yourself go
and what that was about

the frustration, the anger,
the shame and regret
are things so damn hard
to get out of your head

what we have is still so fragile
please handle with great care
we’re damaged from our pasts
lets try to stay away from there

Baby, be my mermaid,
the one I want to keep
I am so sick of throwing them,
back into the deep