Sleeping souls

I will never forget
The first time we met
You smiled at me
And my face turned red
To see you again
Was all I could think of
looking in your eyes
Lightning struck, I fell in love

Every time you leave
There is no meaning
When I’m all alone
It’s hard to breathe in
When you’ re not here
My heart is bleeding
Not here with me
My soul is sleeping

Each moment we share
Brings me closer to you
Looking in your eyes
I can see right through
I know what you feel
And what is on your mind
I know about your questions
And the answers you wish to find

When you leave
Do you have a meaning?
When your all alone
Is it hard to breathe in?
When your not here
Is your heart bleeding?
Not here with me
Is your soul sleeping too?

If only I knew
Do you feel it too?
Looking in my eyes
Do you want to see through?
Do you want to know
What goes on in my mind?
And which answers to what questions
I try to find?

Too afraid to ask
What the answer would be
Scared to know
If you feel different than me
To know that for you
It isn’t as deep
And to realize then
Your soul doesn’t sleep


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