Young girl

I saw a young girl on the train today,
Classmates watching her with condescending smiles
But she just stared outside and let her thoughts fade away
Her big glasses and teeth made her look so fragile.

Tears appear in my eyes for no fucking reason
And I know it is so egoistic to feel sorry for others
I still want to teach these assholes a lesson
Though the girl, she didn’t even seem bothered
Another person, another me,
behaving in a different way
Sometimes I wake up in the morning
 and wonder who I am today
Sometimes I just want to tell everyone
 to fuck off and go away
And sometimes, I secretly wish
 that one of them will stay
So I suffocate my tears and keep watching the scene
The girl surrounded by evil so lost but not even aware
I imagine breaking bones and scratching holes were eyes have been
I see myself fifteen years ago, standing alone out there.

And sometimes it just hits me like a blow in the face
And I’m that tortured, raped and abandoned young girl again
Searching for someone to be my saving grace
Who will bring me backä the pieces I lost back then


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