Crashing Swan

The pressure in my brain
is causing my mind to fall apart.
I keep trying to convince myself
that sometimes life is hard
Ever had that feeling
that uncontrollable urge to kill?
The most frightening thing is
probably someday, I will.
Maybe it would just be myself
suicide is not a crime
Dying is part of life
some don’t want to take their time

I’m flying up there now
up to the darkest sky
My black wings damaged, my body tired
fighting to get up high
I look down on the world
 sadness tears my soul apart
All could have been saved if these fools
would’ve opened their hearts
It doesn’t matter anymore, a voice screams in my head
It’s time to let it go
Transform into a state of mind
where it doesn’t matter what you feel or know

I’m so frightened, but then again, am I? Am I not?
Life is sometimes hard, right?
I’m sick of these ignorant humans
living in their fairy tales, telling me it will be alright
Just to feel their knives stabbing in my back
cutting through what is left of me
My tears made of blood keep running down my face
as I am longing to be free
Soon this never ending night will be over
the breaking of a new dawn
Were a lifeless body is spread across the earth
and feathers of a crashed black swan


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